Many different types of wooden products are available. Wooden items are durable, long lasting and may be refinished or left to develop all the typical scars and patina that occur over time. Wood also needs to be cared for by proper cleaning and addition of oils or waxes, depending upon the original finish that was used.

A tip for those of you that have wood items finished with lacquer: Lacquer forms a hard surface that doesn't let oils through. If you oil the object, the oil sits on the surface and gets gummy. If it is on a chair, then your clothes will polish it off!

For lacquer, use a wax to help protect the surface and to keep that nice smooth, shiny surface. Remember, waxes can build up over time and dull the surface. Use sparingly and buff off the excess.

Wax is good for other wood finishes as well. Many varnished items are waxed and buffed as the final step in finishing.