Leather is long lasting if it is cared for by occasional cleaning and treatment with natural oils. The surface colour tends to darken with age. Many people prefer the darker patina that is formed as the leather ages, so options are available to provide an antiqued finish on new items.

Leather normally has surface imperfections and scars due to whatever events the animal was subject to during its life. I avoid using leather with substantial surface imperfections, brands, abrasion or other damage. Some customers prefer seeing the “real” leather with all its scars, while others want a clear unblemished surface. A hide that has few imperfections is more costly. You should state your preference up front.

Most leather products are available with laced edges or sewn edges. Leather lacing looks beautiful, but shows wear on corners or other areas subject to abrasion after a period of time. Lacing can be replaced or repaired, returning the edging to new condition.

Many leather items can be repaired if damaged. Some repairs may be nearly invisible. Lacing can be replaced, stitching can be redone, surface finishes can be re-applied, etc., helping to maintain your investment in a fine quality leather product.

Name or initials may be added to carved and tooled leather. The design may wrap around the name, or the name may be laid overtop of the design.

All the leatherwork I do is custom made for the purchaser. Purses, wallets, binder covers, straps, backpacks, belts, etc. are available, made to fit your requirments.

Having trouble finding a suitable belt for big and tall or for petite sizes? Have a belt custom made to fit. 20" or 50" waist sizes (smaller and larger too) are easily accommodated.