About Tom

Tom Grusendorf

Since retiring from the oil and gas industry, Tom has returned to his roots and now produces and restores heirloom-quality leather and wood products in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Take a peek at the photo galleries in each product section for ideas. If you don't see what you are interested in, then call or contact me with your thoughts and ideas.

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Leather is long-lasting if it is cared for by occasional cleaning and treatment with natural oils. All the leatherwork I do is custom made for the purchaser, made to fit your requirements.

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Many different types of wooden products are available. Wooden items are durable, long lasting, and may be refinished or left to develop all the typical scars and patina that occur over time.

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Are you hooked on antiques? I am. We as a society need to learn to conserve our resources. We need to reuse, repair, and repurpose instead of tossing stuff into the garbage.

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Orders must be placed in person or via phone or email.

Instructions will be provided for payment and available shipping methods at the time of the order.

I do custom orders only, since I don’t want to stock a warehouse on speculation.

Additional Costs
  • Specialized design and artwork: minimum charge 2 hours
  • Complicated or intricate designs: estimate additional hours to complete beyond initial design stage
  • Unique woods or leathers
  • Hand saddle stitching in place of machine stitching

There are no additional costs for “off-the-shelf” designs.

  • A deposit is required for new or specialized designs – 2 hours minimum.
  • 100% non-refundable deposit required for purchase of special woods or leathers required to build the project.
  • 50% non-refundable deposit is required to start project.